A Place of God's Presence

a.  Building an habitation for the Most High God

b. Living with an awareness of the Presence of God  and the word of God preached     in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

A House of Prayer for all Nations

a.  Cultivating a lifestyle of prayer in following with the example of Our Lord              Jesus Christ. Living in the promises of Zechariah 12:10 - "And I will, pour out      on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and          supplication".

b. Where the young and old are taught and encouraged to co-labour  with Christ        in the Ministry of Intercession.

Habitation of God's Peace

a.  A resting place for souls

b.  Living under a tangible presence of His Peace. Our Lord Jesus Christ did not          only leave us his peace;  Isaiah 60:17b says “ I will make Peace your governor”.


a.  Raising an army of worshippers and intercessors.

b. Ushering the Presence of God into our midst as we praise and Worship.                 Building a temple where the Lord sits upon the praises of his people.

c.   Jesus Christ walks amongst us as we worship, healing, delivering , encouraging       affirming and making whole.

d. Where praise and worship are taught as weapon of warfare.

Building the Young and the Old in the Love & Purpose of  God

a.  Youth focused fellowship, where youth are encouraged to be involved in all            areas of ministry.

b. Fellowship given to the care and support of all ages