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In Soul of Africa Jumoke Akinniranye shares her personal journey through a period of extreme discrimination, atrocity and hatred in the UK, amongst a community she had lived, worked and fellowshipped with for decades – borne out of her encounter with the Lord, which resulted in the grace of God’s presence resting upon her life in an unprecedented way. It is an insightful journal of her journey through the Church, the State and the Community, detailing the lessons learnt through the process. She realised that a heavenly invasion that should have brought life to the community and the nation at large, had become a vehicle which her NHS colleagues, neighbourhood and local church community used for the outpouring of division, discrimination and hatred.

This book also give you an overview of her encounter with the Lord, as she shares the unique work the Lord did in her mind, body and spirit during these encounters, including opening the door of her mind, thereby allowing all to hear every thought or dreams that passes through her mind.   She also tells of her numerous visits to heaven, and dreams from the Lord spanning many years with promises of the outpouring of His Spirit on earth like never before.



Join Jumoke Akinniranye in exploring the incredible, inspiring lives of many of the women in the Bible. In a time when women are searching for their true identity in God, this book will give you a good insight and understanding of the strength, gifting and weaknesses of these extraordinary women, allowing you to grasp the truth that they were ordinary woman, just like you, who chose to walk in the fullness of God's purpose for their lives.

This book will give you the confidence and assurance you need to boldly journey with the Lord as these women did – despite the challenges they had to confront and overcome. It will also show you how each of them was able to anchor their abilities and gifts to the Lord.

I believe that through this book you will receive a greater revelation of the Father's heart for women, which will help you in your journey with the Lord as you read it.