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Find The Reason For The Season You Are In

Find The Reason For The Season You Are In

I love the seasons, the bright sunny days of summer with its beautiful long evenings, the golden autumn colours as you ruffle through the brown golden leaves in the field and through the woods, as the trees gently and willing shed their beautiful leaves and the season moves into the winter season with its frosty grass, icicles and foggy mornings plus the joys of drawing back the curtains to carpet of snow as well as the delightful unfolding of spring as the sound of birds feels the air and the trees begin to bud, and life burst forth through the fields and the woods.

Growing up in Nigeria the changes in season where not so obvious with the privilege of sunny and warm weather all year round; you, however, notice the rainy season with it endless days of heavy rain as children delight and play in the rain followed by the harmattan season with extreme heat and strong humidity as all run for cover!

I learnt that all over the world, regardless of the culture, colour or people, that the season is important to all. I also realised that farmers in all cultures anchor their success on understanding the seasons they are in ensuring that the seasons work for them. They know which season to allow the land to rest, which season to cultivate the land and plant, and which season to harvest their crops. They also understand that planting in summer when it should be harvest time can often mean a great loss.

As I pondered upon the seasons, I realised that God has a reason for every season and that every season comes with its beauty as well as it on challenges:  While I love summer in the UK, the flood of insects during the summer months often disturbs my enjoyment of the season and while the golden autumn season is beautiful to behold the short stingy afternoon leaves no room for late evening barbecues, while the magnificent carpets of snow also comes with the dangerous aftermath of black ice.

I’ve come to realised that the season as we know it also mirrors the seasons of our life, the wonderful years of childhood, the season of weddings and building homes, the character building years of raising children and building our careers and often juggling taking care of elderly parents in the same season and the not so desirable years of children flying the nest and the joy weaved with challenges of middle to old age. Year in year out the Lord gives us distinct seasons and I realised that there is a purpose to every season of our lives and our role is to discover the purpose of the season that we are in and anchor it with the Lord. The Bible says this perfect:

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. - Ecclesiastes 3:1

In my childbearing years, I remember having a conversation with another lady, who was also a working mother with young children and as we talked, I suddenly realised and said to her that in that season, whatever a woman achieved is a bonus, because bringing up children in itself is a full-time role and that in every season we have to keep the main reason for that season a priority.

More recently, I realised like many others, that there are season that simply comes upon us, that we have not planned for, e.g., an unplanned pregnancy, an unexpected promotion, the loss of a loved one, an encounter with the Lord that changes the landscape of one's life, an accident that changes the cause of one's life, unexpected opportunities etc. But nonetheless, those seasons are included in the Lord journey for our life and the grace and ability to anchor that season rest in each of our lives as we search the heart of the Father to understand the purpose of that season. And that as the Lord has a purpose for the years we know to planned and delight in so he does for those that suddenly creeps upon us.

When I was in my twenties, I’d assume in my fifties that I would be done with studying well, having a good career, marry well and raising up children well and I thought I would be a punk on a bike at fifty....Judge me gently!! Now that I’m fifty, the season look nothing as I’d aspired, and I, therefore, realised that as I planned what I thought that season of my life would look like, so did the Lord had His plans for what this season of my life would look like and it looked nothing as I’d envisage. So I learned not to just find a purpose for the season but to embrace the purpose for this season, even though it couldn’t be more different to what I’d planned

Therefore the fact that autumn is over does not mean the end of all season, the truth it is only the beginning of another season, so seek the Lord for the purpose of the season you are in so that joy can feel that season instead of hopelessness and despair. Like a farmer, learn to reap the benefits of each and every season that the Lord gives you, be it winter, spring, summer or autumn! As we come to the end of 2016 and look forward to 2017 with it holds, in spite of your goals and objectives for the coming year, seek the Lord for His purpose for the seasons ahead and He may just surprise you!

Joy & Happiness

Joy & Happiness